Have you been searching for someone to help you get started with products for your online store?

An inventory feed? Or, perhaps you have been using a current supplier and now you discover they offer live data feeds and direct access to thier inventory in real-time? If that is you, then you have finally found us! We are afforable, low priced and lower then the rest, but still give you everything you need to be in perfect position and fully stocked!

Maintain your inventory easy and with little effort! When your supplier provides XML, CSV or tab delimited data feeds of their inventories, ZenCartFeeds.com can implement an automated system that can take this feed and use it to update your store pricing and stock levels.

We customize and create feeds which can handle single or multiple data feeds in any file format to load products into your ZenCart store. This is a real time inventory feed. The system is easy to use and can be configured to include products attribute option, attribute option values, download product images and does not need any manual intervention. It effectively gives a store owner the ability to focus exclusive on running the business rather than chasing inventory because of constant update. ZenCart Feeds system works with virtual any supplier inventory feed

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